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Too often when people decide that they want to custom design a home to their exact requirements, they will start the process with visiting an Architect or Designer. The designers will take notes of the requirements, and design the most perfect home based  off the information provided… That is fine, if you have an endless budget, however most people are working to some sort of a budget.

Time and Time again, I have seen Mum and Dads, seeking build pricing on their dream home, only to have their dream dashed, when they realise the reality of Build Costs.

Working with one of our experienced Design Consultants, we can help you not only design your dream home, but keep it on budget to ensure that the project makes it to ground. We check estimate with our trusted Custom Home Builders before it goes to the designers, to ensure that the final drawings on paper, will be brought to fruition onsite.

Our Concepts are carried out in 3D, with a link sent to you, to sit back with a coffee or glass of wine, to explore your new home,  to ensure that every aspect of your home is exactly how you want it.

Use one of our pre-designed concepts and tweak them live with your consultant, or let us create one from scratch.

Pre-designed Concepts

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