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A Better Way to Design and Build the Home of Your Dreams

So, you have checked out some builders, got some ideas, and been confused by the sales people with their mumbo-jumbo, gimmicks and giveaways! You have had salespeople stalking you through display homes, you have tried being covert, avoiding contact with the nosey slick salesperson eyes, bobbing down behind the person in front, hoping that they won't see you or try and start a conversation.

This is a pretty typical day in builders display homes, because they all come from the same sales school.... they tell you how good their company is, how they have all miraculously been voted "Most Trusted Builder...again", they can't wait to show you their plans because they have the right plan for you (But I just told you that we want 4 beds and 2 do you know you have the right plan?). They then tell you about their inclusions, and the $40,000 they are just going to give to you in upgrades if you sign up before the price rise...

STEP 1- Initial Consultation

Whether you are fully prepared to embrace your inner designer or have a few ideas in a notepad, the team at Compare the Builder are ready and equipped to tackle your dream design head on.
It doesn't matter if you are looking at Knocking Down and Rebuilding a new home on your current block, or whether you are building a Custom Home in a New Development, we want to get to know you.
Let's get together around your dining table, and talk all about your dream home. We want to see the Pinterest and Instagram ideas, the display home photos, the Google Images that you have... this helps us really get to know your design ideas and your overall style.
This is a completely free, and obligation free consultation with one of our building experts, and takes about 60 minutes. Your consultant may at this stage request a copy of your certificate of title with the plan of subdivision (generally found in your section 32), copies of any sketches and ideas, and may take some check measurements to sections of the block, just to ensure that we provide you the right advice.

STEP 2- Concepts and Estimate

This is the point where we come back to you, with a few concept designs that we feel fills the brief that you provided. We will take you on a journey through our 3D design fly-through, so that you can experience your home, like you are there.
Offering you flexibility, maximum input and hassle-free amendments, Compare the Builder is your go-to for custom designs. Our team believe that no design is perfect after just one meeting. That’s why we offer unlimited meetings and amendments as part of our client-based concept package, so you get exactly what you want for a fixed fee with no hidden nasties.

There are no costs involved which means you can be sure that you are getting exactly what you area after. Once we have a final concept, we will provide you an initial estimate based on previous work, that has been carried out by our panel of builders, with homes that are similar in design and inclusions that you are excited to build.

STEP 3- Working Drawings & Full Specifications

Reaching the milestone of finalising design features and preparing to have your dream build commenced is significant and the team at Compare the Builder will be right there by your side.
With years of experience we pride ourselves on our ability to create working drawings to the highest standard, so your builders and contractors know what you expect for your custom-designed dream build. All working drawings crafted by us contain all the information needed to obtain a building permit. This is the fun part, where you get to visit the showrooms of suppliers, work with the interior designers and turn your house plans, into your home. We guide you through a very specific, yet fun and enjoyable process, to enable us to provide all the relevant information in a detailed specification document, ensuring that we have apples for apples quotes provided.

STEP 4- Fixed Price Contracts

Compare the Builder works with a panel of over 30 local builders throughout Victoria. We understand our builders, their construction styles, strengths, and preferred kind of work. Each builders has been thoroughly checked for licenses, insurances, references, and builds have been checked by our Building Professionals, to ensure that they meet the stringent standards required by Compare the Builder.
We provide the information gathered, along with the full working drawings, and obtain fixed price quotes, along with any special offers they may provide to secure your job. This may include free demolition, gift vouchers to suppliers, extended build warranties and much, much more.... When you are part of a collaborative buying group that refers over $25million dollars in builds to local builders every year, this is when we can really negotiate.

You will then have an opportunity to interview the builders, look at current work on the ground, meet the team, and make your final decision with who you would like to build your home.

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Newport 377

Customised to your requirements.
This home has everything in one. Suitable to be constructed on a 14 x 28m block. Downstair [more]
This home has everything in one. Suitable to be constructed on a 14 x 28m block. Downstairs includes a bedroom with [more]
53 2 377.50 m2
Mark Bell

Newport 266

Guaranteed Best Price!
A compact home with plenty of style able to be built on a 14 x 21m lot. Downstairs include [more]
A compact home with plenty of style able to be built on a 14 x 21m lot. Downstairs includes a separate living room [more]
42.5 2 266.68 m2
Mark Bell

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