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The Low Down on Kitchens

Posted by Mark Bell on November 20, 2020

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and too often than not, the kitchen is left to the final colour selection, when the budget is already exhausted, to really take a good look at how you will use your kitchen, and just as importantly, to spend the appropriate dollars to make it not only functional, but a beautiful beating hub of life.

You may have heard the term laminate, melamine, vinyl wrap and 2PAC discussed when talking about finishes for cabinet doors in kitchens, bathrooms and other custom cabinetry within the home.

The options are endless, in look and design, however, it is important when thinking of the design of your kitchen in your new custom home, that the kitchen is part of the overall feel or theme of your home. For example, putting a classic Hamptons Home kitchen into a more modern contemporary home, just wont work.

After selecting the style, its time to think about materials

What is 2PAC?

The short and not so technical answer – 2PAC is a hardened paint finish that can be applied to cupboard doors and drawers.

Slightly more in-depth, a 2PAC finish begins as two liquids; one is a resin made up of acrylic paint and melamine and the other contains a hardener. When these two liquids are mixed together a chemical reaction occurs causing the mix to harden. Due to there only being a small amount of solvent used in the mix, hardly any evaporates when applied, which results in a thick, smooth, hard finish.

2PAC dries slowly so it must be applied in a dust-free, temperature-controlled booth, by a someone who has a high level of expertise.

2 Pac while beautiful and durable, can add around 40% to your overall kitchen costs, so it is important that this is one of the first considerations when planning or design your new custom home.

 Laminate Finish

Laminate is a synthetic product that comprises of compressed and plasticised sheets of paper. The top layers are coated in resins and dyes to create the colour and texture you see on the surface. Laminate is glued onto the surface of MDF board and an edging tape is applied. It comes in a huge range of brands, colours and finishes including woodgrains and patterns. Laminate is also an exceptionally hard-wearing product and a great option for your new kitchen.

One of the sneaky traps that builders can catch you with in the planning of your new home, is that they don’t tell you that the really nice colours, you know the one’s that grace the Home and Living magazines are actually a huge upgrade once you hit colour selection… think about this early on.

Vinyl Wrap Kitchens

Vinyl wrap kitchen doors are manufactured from an MDF panel that has been cut, routed and profiled as per the desired style, and then glued and covered with a vinyl form that is pressed to the door using both heat and a vacuum. The vinyl finish usually wraps all around the kitchen door, which means that there are no joints.

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 One of the drawcards with vinyl wrap is the seemless look, the variety of colours available, and the different profiles available for wrap. Cost generally is a little more expensive than laminate, but offer lots of bang and wow if you are looking for the look and feel of 2Pac, without the expense.

The long and short of it, when you start to consider designing or building your new home, make sure you spend the time thinking, considering, and ensuring that the cost of the kitchen that you want is priced in….before you get to colour selection with your builder.

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