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Compare The Builder

Compare The Builder

Want to build your dream home but wary of dealing with builders? You’ve arrived at the right place

Compare The Builder is unique: we get prequalified builders to compete for your custom home or residential project and use our 2 decades of experience to keep them honest.

We’ll work with Melbourne custom home builders (yours or ours) to help you get real value and a quality build for your home or residential project.

Property Management
Mortgage Service
Villa in Coral Gables

Project Home Advocate

Negotiating with your builder can be daunting.

Come to us first and we’ll ensure your contract and your home is delivered the right way.

  • An experienced building advocate on your side

  • Review quotes - materials, inclusions and exclusions

  • Help you finalise contract and specifications

  • Negotiate with builder - tenders, extras, final price

  • Check construction progress at each stage

  • Ensure every detail is delivered to specifications

  • Avoid expensive mistakes.

Our focus is on value for money and realistic allowances so you don’t get billed for variation after variation.

Your Custom Building Advocate

Think of Compare The Builder as your advocate, helping you navigate through the complex process of design and construction of residential homes.

  • 20 years’ experience in building industry

  • Help you design a beautiful, practical concept

  • 3 or more prequalified builders compete for the job

  • We supervise construction from start to finish

  • We check every detail - no shortcuts, no nasty surprises

  • Avoid expensive mistakes

We stand beside you throughout the process, empowering your decisions.

We’re builders, so we know what can go wrong.
We’ll solve problems before they arise, minimising your stress
and empowering you to get the home you want.

Finding the right path for Melbourne home building

Sometimes the right pathway is not clear.

Compare The Builder can sit with you, talk through your aspirations and help you find the best way forward.

We’ll work through the numbers and practicalities of the options you have – e.g. extension vs rebuild – leveraging our 2 decades of industry experience. Then we’ll help you with a beautiful, practical design which makes the most your budget.

How our service works

Obligation Free Consultation
Choose your Service
Get quote from Builders
Choose best response
Start Construction
Quality checks throughout
Final Audit - Handover

We’ll help you avoid common mistakes with new home building

We’ve all heard the stories. It started as a beautiful idea but ended in a lot of stress and a home no one is proud of. So, what can go wrong?

Hasty Decisions
Wrong Design for Location
Design Failure
Poor Materials
Sloppy Workmanship
Build Runs Over Budget
Delivered With Faults
Shortcuts Taken
Villa in Coral Gables

Bringing your dream home or residential project to life

Our process is all about ensuring you get real value, a quality build and the right advice. You’re in charge and can avoid the stress of costly mistakes.

  • Knowledgeable, experienced building advocate

  • Help you design a beautiful, practical concept

  • Site assessment and advice on how to get the best value

  • Bring the floorplan, interior and exterior styles together

  • Advice on materials, fittings and appliances

  • 3D walkthrough and a design you own!

  • Ensure everything in contact is delivered to specifications.

  • 3 service options to choose from

Customers say it’s the smart way to build a new home

Compare The Builder is a new concept where people in Melbourne wanting new custom designed homes or home extensions benefit from an experienced builder’s advice.

Take a look at what one of our customers has to say

Compare The Builder Team

Our team is led by Mark Bell, a 20-year veteran of the home building industry.
We have a small in-house team, a diverse panel of builders who specialise in different construction types and a network of specialists to advise you on your project.

Darrell Knight
Mark Bell

Building industry experts

Darrell Knight

Highly experienced, beautiful practical concepts

Darrell Knight

Specialists in different construction types

Darrell Knight
Specialist network

From site inspectors to landscape and mortgages

What Compare The Builder can help you with

From designing your concept to keeping the builders and subcontractors honest,
we’ll help you manage your custom home build or residential development.

Feel free to reach out and have an obligation free conversation

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